Monday, January 16, 2012

Small Stone - Day 16

The automatic check out voice asks me "Will you be using your own bags?" I push "Yes" and proceed to place my cloth bags on the turnstile for loading. "Please remove the last item," is her robotic reply. I remove the bags, wait a second and put them back on the turnstile. "Please see attendant for assistance." I look around in search of the elusive "attendant."  No one comes to my assistance.  After a few more rounds with "the Voice," I load my groceries back into the cart and head for a "real" check out line.  "Paper or plastic?" asks the flesh-and-blood check-out girl.  I hand the bag-boy my cloth bags and he scowls and opens his mouth.  I just glare at him.  Then he puts the gallon of milk on top of the eggs.

going green
a vine sprouts
in the compost pile


  1. I love this, Terri. I have the same experience every single time I try to use my own bags at a self-checkout. You'd think by now, they would stop treating re-usable bags like alien objects.

  2. Ain't that the truth! Hey, I enjoy going against the grain - : P

  3. That vine is something! I avoid the self-checks - any kind of automated response makes all of us less human.

  4. Literally L'ing O L!!! Love this! :)) *true story I bet* LOLAgain!

  5. As if the theory of recycling is good but don't bring your belief systems here and inconvenience us! And love the stone of the vine - like a phoenix rising!